Here at Unfair Situations, we are really interested in producing custom videos and special requests. We understand the importance of unusual fetishes, and we will do our best to accommodate them, even if we don't understand them ourselves. Nothing is too weird to discuss with us, so please don't hesitate to ask. There will always be things that we or the model(s) will not be willing to do, but you won't offend us by asking.

If the concept is one that we think we can sell on one of our stores, then we will consider it a "request". It will be produced and sold like a normal video, and you and everyone else will be able to buy it at the regular price on the store (it will get pushed to the top of the release schedule so you won't have to wait long to get it). If the concept doesn't fit any of our stores, or involves specific things like the use of your name, then we will consider it a "custom". A custom video is sold only to the person requesting it, directly without posting on a store. Because it will be sold only once, the price will be considerably higher, and will be negotiated based on the complexity of producing the video, special props or wardrobe that must be purchased, and the cost of the model. Payment will be made after the video is produced but before delivery. (Note: if use of your name is the only thing making it a custom, it may be possible to shoot the video both ways, allowing us to release a nameless version of the video and reducing the cost to you.)

Use the form at the bottom of this page to start the request process.

The following models are currently available because we plan to shoot with them again in the near future, or because we have worked with them recently and are still in contact with them. Generally speaking, the other models on the site(s) are no longer available. (Videos posted recently were often shot a couple years ago.) If it isn't important that a specific model be used, then don't put a model's name in the field (or write in something like "Don't Care"). If I have an upcoming shoot with a model that has not yet appeared on the site, I can send you pictures of her and see if she is acceptable.

Models Currently Available:

At this time, there are no models specifically available for customs or requests. In general, adult models come and go rather quickly. Neverthless, I may be able to revive a relationship, so feel free to ask. Also, I don't shoot every week, and I don't have any shoots planned for the near future. If you wish to submit a request, we can discuss it, but it may be some time before it can be fulfilled.

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